July Goals

It’s been one of those weeks that just makes you want to reflect on how things have been going. I’ve had the busiest couple months of my business so far and I am feeling so blessed. On top of all of these incredible business experiences, there is so much going on in my personal life! Not only am I growing a business this year but I am planning a wedding AND restoring my grandparents home that Brandon and I will be moving into! (hopefully before the wedding!) There is so much to juggle that most days it is overwhelming and I get nothing done. These powersheets from Lara Casey help to keep me on track and show me where to put my energy. Like Lara says ” Good goals help you steward what you’ve been given well” . I love her heart and passion behind what she does and her Powersheets have transformed my goal setting process! If you haven’t tried them yet, put it on your to-do list for 2018! It is a must have for anyone and everyone!

My goals this month are simple and are already in progress! Writing them down helps me achieve more and refine what needs to be tended to and what can be left aside. Because in the end, we simply can’t do it all. I’m hoping to refine my focus this month by taking care of things that actually matter! Here are my July goals :

  1. Make parking plans for the wedding – I have put this off far enough and I know it may take leaps and bounds to get all of this set up! It may take me the entire month, or it could take me one productive afternoon. Either way, it HAS to get done!
  2. Enjoy the last month with the kids – this is my last month as  a nanny. I honestly can’t believe I am writing this but it is true, time has come to move on. I am going to miss my nanny-kids who I have been with for almost two years now! They’re going to be in the wedding and will be the sweetest ring bearer and flower girl ever! I’m sure we will find lots of fun things to do together in our last few weeks.
  3. Blog 2x per week – blogging consistently is one thing I know will only help my business. In order to get to full-time photography, I have to be more consistent and SHARE MORE. Stay tuned for that!
  4. Book two more 2018 weddings – I am honored to say that this goal is already in the works and it brings tears to my eyes. It’s a big deal for me, I have worked hard to not only put out a great product but to learn to serve my brides in any way they need. I think it’s finally starting to show!
  5. Get the family pictures together – I have got to get ahold of Brandon’s old family photos for the wedding! Just another thing I can’t put off any more! ha!
  6. Finish Invitations – I am so lucky to be working with Susan Wilson Designs on my invitation suite and it is freaking stunning! I can’t wait until you see it!
  7. Serve my brides more –  Like I said, I have been learning more and more about serving my clients. Being a bride now has opened my eyes to just how tough the task can be! If there is anything I can take off my brides to-do list and help them tackle, I am trying my best to do that!
  8. Finish honeymoon details – yayayay! Brandon and I can not wait for this honeymoon! We are going to Hawaii!!! We have a lot to still book and details (like a helicopter tour!) to figure out!


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July 8, 2017



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