November 21, 2019

Fall Family Sessions at the Howard County Conservancy

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about how offering mini sessions would go. In the past, they’ve been a bust. More than likely due to my lack of marketing or just informing past clients about them. But this year, these Howard County family photos turned out amazing. They’re just what we all needed this year, short and sweet moments to capture the kiddos!

It is so hard getting out of the house now that I have two babies, I certainly underestimated it. Now knowing that, I need to make some changes to how often I am working and mini sessions do help me to serve my clients without being away from the family several nights a week. In short, my typical family photo sessions will be a limited thing that mini sessions may soon replace.

I had two new families join in this year and I was so excited about meeting them! I try my best to connect with families during our time together and doing so in a 20 minute window was a challenge I was up for. My goal isn’t just to show up and photograph them, but to really get to know them as a family. Each family is unique and should be captured in a way that really reflect them and their joy! Hopefully i’ll get to photograph their family next year, seeing the kids get big year to year is so much fun for me!

Here’s a few of my favorites from the fall family photos at the Howard County Conservancy

View more family portraits here!

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