October 14, 2020

Big Announcement – Maryland Film Wedding Photographer

Maryland Film Wedding Photographer Megan Bennett Photography

A few months ago a friend looked at me and said “Megan, why aren’t you shooting film yet?”. And to be honest, I didn’t know why. I was content with the way my digital images looked but something was always missing. There’s a lightness and energy that only film images can provide. An erethral experience. Something only a Maryland Film Wedding Photography  could create.

So I made an investment for my brides, mamas, and well, myself. To provide that experience to families and couples I was already creating heirlooms for. Being a film photographer is an investment, one I wasn’t sure was worth it, until I got those first film scans in my email. Those thoughts blew into the wind.


Maryland Film Wedding Photographer Megan Bennett Photography


For those of you (most of you) who are unfamiliar with film photography, i’ll explain how the process works. I order rolls of film for your occasion and on the day of, I will have to load that into my camera as we go along. The shutter is louder but brings so much more joy for me. After the shoot, I send it off to a lab on the west coast where it is developed and scanned. Once it lands in my inbox, I rename the files and send them to you. The entire process takes 2-4 weeks and the wait is the hardest part.


Maryland Film Wedding Photographer Megan Bennett Photography

I won’t just be shooting film, I will be alternating between my film & digital cameras still. That way, next day previews are still happening! I’ll be “offically” offering my 2021 couples a film experience and I can’t wait for to capture the beauty as it unfolds on their wedding days. Honored to be a Maryland Film Wedding Photographer now!

I want to share this journey with you all, here are some of my first film scans from September.

Maryland Film Wedding PhotographerMaryland Film Wedding PhotographerMaryland Film Wedding PhotographerMaryland Fine Art Film Photographer

View some weddings here!


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