I fill my kitchen table as often as I can. My family and I are unusually close. Most days involve something unplanned. I rarely turn down a cup of coffee, a chance to sit out on the porch, or a reason to get my hands in the dirt. 

As you can imagine, I'm not the type to get my nails done. Or focus on the prettier things in life. I'd buy an old house before a new one in a shiny development. I put more emphasis on my future than my today, which involves more work than necessary. Leaving behind a legacy for my children and theirs, means more to me than anything. It's the way I was raised and is exactly why I became a photographer - to capture life's biggest & smallest moments, in order to be remembered longer than our own lifetime. 

A little about me


A few of my favorites

History, Legacy, & all things in between

My love for history began as a child, wandering through battlefields and monuments on our weekend family getaways. My mother would always say "Can you imagine what was here hundreds of years ago?" And since then, I have wondered. I get lost in historic picture books and always stop to read the information markers.
 I am proudly the seventh generation to own a part of our family estate. We are blessed to have such rich, local history and I have made it my life's goal to preserve.

A few of my favorites

My growing

Brandon & I were introduced by our grandfather's at the young age of 14, on a Chesapeake Bay fishing boat. Our grandparents were close friends and it felt like fate when our families were officially joined by our marriage, in the fall of 2017, on my family's estate in our hometown of Relay, Maryland. Together we've decided to put our family above everything and start one of our own! 

In October 2018, I became a mama to sweet baby Abe. He has  a strong family name and his mamas blue eyes. We're now expecting baby number two in October 2019! 

A few of my favorites

Growing Anything & Everything

There's something about getting your hands in the dirt that can't be replaced. It's tending the soil, planting those seeds early spring and nurturing the ground until a tiny sprout arises. Good things take time. By late summer I water every evening and it's the perfect reason to leave my phone inside and get some quiet time. 

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your big day

It'll be the behind the scenes moments that I'll always want to capture. The smiles and tears shared between family members, the dances with your closest loved ones, and the smiles that no one else see - that say everything you're feeling. But most importantly, it's the giggles the two of you will share when you look at him and call him husband for the first time. 

I remember the moments of my own wedding day that took my breath away. The fleeting seconds that I hoped someone was capturing, so I could relive them later. Those are the moments that will be my favorite at your wedding, they are one of life's most joyous!

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matters the most 

Preparing for my wedding, I went searching for our grandparents wedding portraits. There were none. I was heart broken but I realized it's because their generation didn't emphasize those heirlooms. That's one of the many reasons they are so important to me. Those romantic, traditional portraits for children to cherish - for my granddaughter to see me and her Pop, young in love. 

What I think

Simple moments

Passing down heirlooms

When I dreamed about having a family, I thought about all of those simple moments. Having a picnic in the back yard, taking the kiddos fishing down the park, letting my boys jump in mud puddles. Capturing their smiles even when they aren't necessarily presentable. The uniqueness in the everyday. The simple moments that are ours to remember.

Okay, I'm going to get sappy here - but to be honest, nothing matters more to me than family. If you asked anyone, they would tell you that I revolve my life around a handful of people that mean the most to me. It might seem silly, but there is nothing more precious than spending time with loved ones. On the biggest days of your life, like your wedding and the smallest days, like your Sundays.

precious time with family



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