Treasures for this generation, 
And each one to follow.

Close those twenty-six open browser tabs, you've found your photographer. 

pam & john 

She knew how to take the obviously picturesque moments, as well as those beautiful, but yet more subtle moments, and bring them all to life in photography that is bathed in light and loveliness

My affinity for heirlooms began the way many might...with a good old fashioned rummage through my grandparents attic. You see, I was a bride once, too. Before a career in wedding photography and mothering two little wildling boys, I planned my own special day to the man who stole my heart when we were just teenagers. 
And here’s the part where the trajectory of my life changed...while digging in that attic, I was heartbroken to find that there wasn’t a single photo of my beloved grandparents on their wedding day. Not one grainy, time-weathered image. Not a single film negative. Nada. 
When all I wanted was to see the glimmer in my grandmother’s eyes on the day she became granddad’s wife, or the way granddad gently reached for her hand like I had seen him do so many times in my life, instead there was only a sense of loss. 
I am proof that their story was filled with love, that their life and their marriage mattered, yet still, I wanted to experience their day mentally and emotionally from a time before I could have been physically present.
And I believe with every fiber of my being that your life, your story, matters too. They matter enough to be documented in a meaningful way. They matter enough so those who come after you can find photos, not only in the attic, but in heirloom albums and on your walls that say of all the choices you’ve ever made, the best one was choosing each other. 

Hey, love.
Megan, here. 

In fact, after Brandon and I were married, we moved into a home where many members of our family had already shared countless meals around the table. We are excited to be renovating the homestead next door, so our boys can grow up in land where I once played as a child. 

These connections of sentiment infiltrate my life and work and impact every decision I make behind the camera. I choose to document the interactions of the relationships of my clients in their homes and in the places where they’re family narrative is already in process. 

The Old Line State, in particular our farmhouse and the land on which it sits, has been home to the last seven generations of our family. 

If you’re looking for imagery to connect your future family to your present life, welcome home, Kindred Spirit.

I treat each client as if they were my family, so they feel at home enough in front of my camera to be their most authentic selves. 


molly & greg

Baltimore, Maryland

 The pictures we received had such a dreamy, romantic feel! We feel grateful and blessed to have had her on our wedding day.

erin & grant

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Megan has such a great vision when taking photos, and we look forward to using her for many more special events in our life!

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Glasses half full, crumbs scattered about, bellies and hearts both full. Nothing brings me more joy than gathering around the table to share a meal with those I hold dear. 

gather 'round the table


There’s something so satisfying about seeing the fruit of hard work bring a harvest to life. This kind of lesson is one we hope to pass down to our boys. Luckily enough, with a landscaping business in our family, we have that opportunity often. 

gardening as
a family


Our home is filled with vintage treasures. I love the thought of the stories each one could tell if they were able. This love led me to explore an antique camera that was once my Grandfather’s, which allowed me to learn film as a medium and incorporate medium format into my work with my Contax 645. 

an affinity
for antiques


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As a gardener, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. It’s a life-motto and metaphor that I’ve carried into my business. The tortoise was onto something when he said what he did about the race...it’s won by those with patience and diligence. Maybe this is why it doesn’t phase me to have to wait for film scans to be processed by my lab. To open that email when it comes is like Christmas morning. Every. Single. Time. 

Your love and life story are much like this, too. Slowly evolving over time, changing in each season. When I look at the example of my Grandparent’s marriage to my family, I know it wasn’t made in one year, or even in ten. Their love was deeply rooted, and from it our entire family has blossomed. 

It brings me so much purpose to document my clients as their families evolve, to help share the story for those who will come in later generations as the earliest seeds are being planted. 

good things take time.

the heart

behind the business

Read more about renovating our seventh generation family farmhouse 


Documenting Your Family Legacy


Joyfully Candid, Timelessly Romantic


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