These moments matter. Foundationally, as part of your history. As you live out the earliest days of your marriage, and of your family, I come alongside you with my film camera in hand to ensure that those who come after will know...it always started with love. 

East coast

hey there, I'm Megan fitzwater

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Documenting Your Family Legacy


Joyfully Candid, Timelessly Romantic


If you're an engaged couple looking for a wedding photographer with an artful eye for documentation, or a mom longing to make permanent the magical moments of childhood, you’ve come to the right place.

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Fueled by mid-afternoon coffee and cackling laughter from my two toddler boys, my days are intrinsically intertwined between business and motherhood. 

I believe these moments aren’t only ours. When I think of handing you your wedding album, linen-bound and brimming with love, I think of the generations that will come after you who will see these images...images that show the roots of their family are firmly planted.

Curating authentic Heirloom documentation through joy-filled photographs of deeply rooted love stories in Maryland and beyond. 

I'm Megan

pam & john

She knew how to take the obviously picturesque moments, as well as those beautiful, but yet more subtle moments, and bring them all to life in photography that is bathed in light and loveliness.

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molly & greg

Baltimore, Maryland

 The pictures we received had such a dreamy, romantic feel! We feel grateful and blessed to have had her on our wedding day.

erin & grant

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Megan has such a great vision when taking photos, and we look forward to using her for many more special events in our life!

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Christina & brandon

She is everything I wanted for my special day. She's so easy going and makes you feel at ease and most importantly, comfortable.